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What can privacy protection do for you? - Did you know that without privacy protection enabled on your domain anyone anywhere can look up your name, address, telephone number and email on the internet? Our domain privacy protection helps keep your personal information private and away from the bad people who daily scan the internet in search of their next victim. Your domain still belongs to you and you have control, but we mask your information with our details. Our domain whois privacy is compliant with all ICANN Whois Accuracy Guidelines

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  • Stop Domain Theft.
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Standard Registration

Your Name!
Your House! Your Street!
Your City, Your State 12345
Your Country

Email: you@your-email.com!
Telephone: Your phone number!

Registered through: hosttop.com
Domain Name: YourDomain.com
Created on: 10-APR-04
Expires on: 10-APR-11
Last Updated on: 10-APR-10

Domain servers:

Private Registration

Domain Privacy Protection
Dept 4576, Our Office, Our Street
Our City, Our State, 11101

Email: privacy.yourdomain@hosttop.com
Telephone: +1.512.385.4838

Registered through: hosttop.com
Domain Name: YourDomain.com
Created on: 10-APR-04
Expires on: 10-APR-11
Last Updated on: 10-APR-10

Domain servers:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the domain name system?

Every computer connected to the internet is identified by a unique IP address (such as It quickly became apparent that these numbers weren't too meaningful and as the net grew in popularity it became important to have more memorable ways of identifying the servers. Hence the domain name - unique identifiers that point to specific IP addresses.

What does it mean to "register" a domain name?

When you register a domain name, you are inserting your details in a 'Registrant' entry in the registry of domain names and their corresponding computers on the Internet, the registration is a 'right to use' the domain name for a given period. This 'right to use' can be transferred or sold to another person, but can be lost if not paid (renewed) every year.

What domain should I register?

Try to go for something memorable and individual. Ideally, register your domain name in as many suffixes as possible to stop competitors registering variations of your name.

Can I register a 2-letter domain?

Two letter .com .net and .org domains were allowed with the Verisign registry. However, upon the transition of the management of .org to PIR (Public Interest Registry) the ICANN agreement placed all two letters domains in a reserved status. Under this agreement no two letters domains can be registered. All two letter domain names that are current and have not been deleted or expired will continue to operate.


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